Work Experiences

I've spent more years in print publishing than I'd care to talk about.

I've sold advertising, been a pasteup artist, set type on Phototypositor, Varityper, Compugraphic, and Penta System; managed advertising for a weekly paper; stripped-up 4-color film at a web printer; manned the night spec desk at a type house — while also freelancing with some ink and wash illustrations and airbrush.

Moving to the Mac in 1990, I began working in QuarkXPress (2), Illustrator (88), and Photoshop (2.0). I built templates and organized production procedures for several weekly children's publications, did illustrations in Illustrator and Freehand, created complex image composites in Photoshop, acted as troubleshooter for art and prepress departments, and trained as an operator on drum scanner and Iris proofer.

I've been independent since May of 1997. I presently do book design, general graphic design / production, web and ebooks, and illustration. I teach at Middlesex Community College as an adjunct: Advanced Graphic Design (spring semester) and Digital Page Design (fall semester). I have tutored privately in efficient InDesign production techniques for publishing, and in transitioning from Quark to InDesign.

I have a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, and received my certification as an Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign CS2. I regularly add to my knowledge base with tutorials, seminars, and books.

So what am I doing when I'm not huddled over my computer
working on a graphics project?

I like spending time in the natural world: canoeing, beaching, gardening, bicycling—always carrying an identification guide to birds, mussels, wildflowers, or butterflies (the butterflies are often just too fast for me).

By lucky coincidence, I was the first person in 80 years to find and identify the believed-extirpated Yellow Lampmussel in Connecticut. I wasn't looking for one, but she found me anyway. I knew what species this mussel was, but I did not know it was an important find—the mussel guide I had with me was for Maine. I had my little underwater camera with me, and took some shots, which were sent to the CT DEP. They responded with the last-time-seen data, and informed me that she was a pregnant female, ready to set seed.

Yellow Lampmussel Yellow Lampmussel

In college at RISD, when I nearly missed registration for a winter/inter session, I enrolled in the only remaining open course, and that course was in apparel design—way outside of my painting/art education major. It was actually one of the best courses I took there. Here's how its pattern-making, draping, and fitting helped me over a few Halloweens.

Captain Hook Captured Lady Mad Hatter (Tenniel version) March Hare (Tenniel version)
Camel and Camel Merchant Vulture Crocodile

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