Clear communication is the essence of good
graphic design and illustration. A clear, concise,
message trumps any other design element.

My design style is subtle yet targeted. Thoughtful concepts,
beautiful techniques, attention to detail, and appropriate
choices communicate my client's message.


Many years in many areas of print graphics have given me the background to "peek under the hood" of design projects. I know how things work in graphic design—I have to know, because I also teach graphic design.

  •  Book design: covers, interior pages, dust jackets, e-books
    •  • Book cover design
      Cover designs begin with a conversation with the author, brain-storming cover concepts. I often with an author's own images, or author's searched stock comps, or, I may provide comps. Title placement, size, and font choice are critical.
      Beer Man Food cover
      Beer Man Food cover for Ross Figgins, Glenross Publishing Company
      American Bully cover
      The American Bully cover for Hank Largo
      Voicing The Dead for Steve Robbins, Rocky Fork Press Inc.
      Voicing the Dead cover
      Meekeloprr cover
      Meekelorr for Shirley Latessa, Lindisfarne Books
      Ending Congressional Gridlock cover
      Ending Congressional Gridlock cover for Gary Larsen, Boyd Street Press
      Before they know it all cover
      Before They Know It All cover for Alan Carson Publishing
      Theres a Hole in History cover
      There's a Hole in History cover for Rick Mannoia, Paradise Publishing
      Biblical Verses cover
      Biblical Verses cover for Walter Lamp, Running light Publishing
      Strategic Governance
      Strategic Governance cover has coordinating inside cover
      Strategic Governance
      Strategic Governance coordinating inside cover
      One and Whole cover
      One and Whole cover for Neversink Publishing
    •  • Interior page design
      I use the latest version of Adobe InDesign, taking full advantage of InDesign's automation tools (variables, GREP, and scripts). These tools save me from busywork that would increase your cost for my labor. Each book design considers the particular needs of the text for reader requirements, subject-matter, desired total page count, and page size. The font choices and page design enhance the book's content.

      Here are just the tops of a few pages from books on diverse subjects, to show text and headline treatments.
      I'd Believe You But
      I Would Believe You But for Marilynn McLaurin-Miles, Hope Pubishing
      Jasmine Sugar
      Jasmine Sugar for Randeane Tetu, Rowan Lake Publishers
      Real Strength, Real Muscle
      Real Strength, Real Muscle for John Christy, Real Strength Training Publications
      Murphy Brown
      Murphy Brown for Linda Horton
      Voicing the Dead
      Voicing the Dead for Rocky Fork Publishers
      What Do You Do with Your 24 Hours
      What Do You Do with Your 24 Hours for Wendy Westbrooks
      Somewhere in the Deep South
      Somewhere in the Deep South…a long time ago for W.C. Bryant, Hotoffth Press
    •  • Dust jackets
      Dust Jackets are like soft-covers but with extra elements for the fold allowances and fold-in flaps. Every print vendor will have different specs requirements for their jackets.
      The Collectibles
      Dust Jacket for The Collectibles for James Kaufman, DownStream Publishing
      Celebrate Your Life
      Celebrate Your Life for Melissa Galt, Publishing by Design
      The DuPont Dyes Company
      The Dupont Dyes Company for Joe Iannorone and John Thackrah, J & J Publishing
      Essay on Man
      Essay on Man for Anton Hardy, James Publications
      Musings of an Old Soldier
      Musings of an Old Soldier for Kirk Timm
      Martha Sarah Elizabeth Bruce
      Martha Sarah Elizabeth Bruce for her family
    •  • e-Books
      E-books can be created from your print-book files. Novels without block-quotes or images are the simplest to convert. Non-fiction books with lists of various sorts, diagrams, captioned images, and/or other special styling take additional time to code each of those elements in css. Every effort is made to to retain the visual quality of your print version in the e-book version.
      Scags at 7
      Scags at 7 for Sullivan Street Press. This ebook is also an app in iTunes
      Scags at 7 pages
      Scags at 7 link to video and chapter heading
      Scags at 18
      Scags at 18 for Sullivan Street Press, ebook cover and title page
      Scags at 18
      Scags at 18 chapter title page and text page
      Change Your Words
      Change Your Words, Change Your Life ebook chapter title page for Publishing by Design
      Change Your Words
      Change Your Words, Change Your Life ebook block quote
  •  Image enhancement and repair (image composites, isolation, and cleanup)
    I've been given many opportunities to make "silk purses out of sow's ears". I have improved very many author-provided images that were badly-exposed, poorly-focused, scanned with dust, low-resolution, or contained insufficient background area or a too-complicated background. Some images required compositing a silo into a different background, or removing extraneous people, or re-constructing cropped-off arms, legs, and hair. Others needed minimizing of double-chins and dark eye circles. When needed, I make very careful conversions from color to grayscale, assuring that images will print optimally.
    Autism Spectrum Quarterly cover
    Autism Spectrum Quarterly: original cover image and final 3-layer composite
    for ASQ
    Girl was siloed to place over better background, and more confetti added
    Katrina Kristin Kane
    Art provided for Robert Fine's Katrina Kristin Kane was brightened and retouched
    Whirlwind Encounter
    Michael Wilson's The Whirlwind Encounter 4-image composite: tornado, man, hair, hand
    1917 family original
    1917 vintage family photo had been torn in half and tattered
    1917 family restored
    1917 family photo after restoration, and sepia toning
    1913 couple original
    Small scan of 1913 couple had been over-sharpened, heavily defining the grain
    1913 couple after
    1913 couple after restoration, grain removed, sepia toning added
  •  Infographics: tables, charts, graphs, diagrams
    •  • Table and chart design
      I work in Adobe InDesign, which has very robust table-styling features. Tables can be imported from Excel, Numbers, or Word, or created from tabbed text from word-processing files. Consistency and readability are primary concerns.
      Green Parent Green-washed
      From Green Parent for Kedzie Press
      Soil Boring Table
      Soil boring results table for TSEA, LLC environmental assessment report
      Returns percentages for 2 years
      Part of a table of stock returns from The Wall Street Traffic Light, for John Harris
      table of green exchanges
      From Green Parent for Kedzie Press
      Questionnaire results table, for TSEA, LLC
      workouts table
      Workouts table from Real Strength, Real Muscle for John Christy
      Table showing weeks
      Part of table showing no-move weeks from The Wall Street Traffic Light, for John Harris
    •  • Diagrams and infographics
      Sometimes words are not enough to convey a complex message. An infographic can clarify a complex idea, show a complicated sequence, and emphasize the most important facts.
      Clean Energy Signup
      Infographic for City Middletown: clean energy brochure
      Site map Harry's Marine
      Site map for Harry's Marine Repair drainage changes
      Heimlich Maneuver
      For Weekly Reader Heimlich maneuver
      For Issues in Your Tissues for Denise LaBarre, Thought Spirals
      Lightening Rod
      For Kirchoff-Wahlberg, how a lightening rod works
    •  • Graphs
      Graphs can be imported as images from their native application files, or can be re-constructed in Adobe Illustrator for better control over the quality of their lines and shapes. A chart or graph must communicate its message clearly—-any decoratative enhancements must support the message, and not detract from it.
      Pie Chart Immigrants
      Pie graph for Weekly Reader about where immigrants live in the US
      Bar Graph Theatre
      Bar Graph for Weekly Reader: money spent on entertainment
      Pie Graph Trash
      Pie graph for Grolier Publications on composition of trash
      Bar Graph on causes of death
      Bar graph about causes of death for Weekly Reader
      Pie graph on dating
      Pie graph for Weekly Reader on ages to start dating
      Bar graph on candy sales
      Bar graph forWeekly Reader about candy-bar sales in the US
  •  Web design
    I also offer web design services, creating websites to serve my client's goals. gallery book covers gallery testimonials testimonial page
    Meekeloprr cover
    Prototype home page for Michael Ciulla - Voiceman
    Ciulla Entertainment
    Prototype Entertainment page for Michael Ciulla - Voiceman
    Journey to Set Sprits Free
    Picture gallery page from Journey to Set Our Spirits Free website
    Field trips
    Field Trips page from website
    Mussel anatomy
    Anatomy/Glossary page from Musseling the Lower Connecticut website
  •  Logo design
    A logo needs to fit the character of the client and the client's products or goals.
    ASQ Starfish logos
    Logos for Autism Spectrum Quarterly (The Magajournal) and Starfish Specialty Press
    Logos for ASD Conferences and H. Valentin
    Logos for ASD and H. Valentin Window and Door
    Kiosk promo for Journey
    Kiosk promo for Journey to Set Our Spirits Free (dugout-canoe-building program)
    Klattenberg candidacy
    Campaign button and bumper sticker for Ron Klattenberg
    Logos Last Dance Ranch and Cowboy Camp Meeting
    Logos for Last Dance Ranch and Hill Country Cowboy Camp Meeting
    Logo for Rocky Fork Press
    Logo for Rocky Fork Press (publisher of Montana mining county history)
  •  Custom illustration
    For some concepts, custom illustration may be the best solution. These illustrations demonstrate a few of my electronic drawing styles.
    Bee life cycle
    Life cycle of a bee for Biner Design
    Logos for ASD Conferences and H. Valentin
    Dragonfly for Biner Design
    Poster for play
    Black & white poster for local theater group
    celery on plate
    Wilting celery on plate for Grolier Publishing
    Kids push boxes
    Kids push boxes, for Kirchoff-Wahlberg
    Goals for the River
    Goals for river usage, for report done for CT Coastal Conservation District
    Floating Frog
    Floating green frog

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